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Thrift Store Find: Auto Coffee Maker

January 25, 2012 Leave a comment
Make Coffee in Your Car!

Make Coffee in Your Car!

Make Coffee in Your Car!

Make Coffee in Your Car!

The perfect gift for people on the go! Forget about buying expensive, fancy coffee on your way to work. Why not brew coffee in your car?

Apparently that’s what people did back in the 1970s with this delightful device, the auto coffee maker.

It plugs into the car’s cigarette lighter (remember when cars had those?) and you’re good to go. The auto coffee maker has a 500cc capacity and only takes 10-15 minutes to heat up. Comes with a stylish orange, metal mount.

What a decade, the 1970s.


Happy Thanksgiving!

November 28, 2010 Leave a comment

I hope everybody had a great Thanksgiving. I hope time spent with your loved ones and your families (both are not necessarily the same!) was full of joy (or tolerance if you were with your families).

I am still full from all of the turkey and ham. I tried to be good. I ate a lot of fresh vegetables but the turkey and ham…I could not resist…nor could I resist pumpkin pie.

Well, Christmas is just around the corner. Be careful when heading out to go shopping because the crowds of humanity that fill the Wal-Marts, Targets, and shopping malls across the nation can get crazy.

Be safe and have a great Christmas and holiday season.

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Former Satanist High Priest Writes A Book…The Satan Seller

This vintage paperback has been sold.

Please check out my other eBay items at:

The Satan Seller was published in the early 1970s. It was written by a former Satanist high priest who reveals the evil, demonic forces behind the growth of the world’s most dangerous occult religion!

This book was published by the Christian company, Logos International. The Satan Seller is a classic example of vintage 1970s Christian conversion literature.

The 1970s was all about the Satanism and Devil-worship. What a decade!

My Review: Love Toy – Rare Doris Wishman Sexy Sleaze From The 1960s

Fans of 1960s and 1970s ultra-rough, sleazy, sex movies, dig this awesome movie…

Doris Wishman, the director of such innocent 1950s nudie-cuties like Nude On the Moon, gave the rain-coat crowd something perverse, dark, and awesome with Love Toy.

Doris Wishman Love Toy Something Weird Video VHS

Click on photo for larger image

Love Toy is a pervert’s delight. It is filled with humiliation (young girl forced to drink from a saucer of milk like a cat), BDSM, voyeurism, incest (young girl forced to screw her own father!), menage a trois, masturbation, oral sex, and even mental illness thrown into the mix.

Doris Wishman left no demented, stained, perverse, stone unturned with this depraved cinematic gem.

After watching Love Toy, you’ll want to scour your body with sandpaper because you’ll feel really, really gross…and then you’ll want to watch it again…in slow motion!

God bless you Doris Wishman! And God bless you, Something Weird Video for releasing such cinematic treasures!

My Rating: D (for plot, acting, lighting, dialog…) A+ (for sleaze, sex, hot 1960s babes, and sleaze)

Quick Review: Super Shag-a-delic Stewardesses: The Super-Jet Girls

Check it out, a classic book from the shagging, swinging 1970s, about beautiful, sexy, and touchable stewardesses! The Super-Jet Girls, written by Bernard Glemser, is about…well…just a lot of hanky-panky with sexy stewardesses traveling around the world.

Seriously, does one really need to have a story when one is reading about shag-a-delic stewardesses?

The book is a groovy time capsule of a super groovy era!

super jet girls swinging sexy stewardesses

Click on photo for larger image

My rating: C (as a work of literature)  A+ (for sexy, swinging, stewardesses)

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