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Favorite Mystery Science Theater Episode?

November 28, 2010 Leave a comment

Hello, my people. What is your favorite Mystery Science Theater 3000 movie?

I have a quite a few so I shall keep list short. Here goes (in no order):

  • Touch of Satan – “This is where the fish live.”
  • Time Chasers – Time travel in a small single engine airplane and a Commodore 64 with 1541 disc drive! Classic!
  • Soultaker – starring  Joe “Vastly more talented brother of Martin Sheen” Estevez and the great Robert D’Zar
  • Girl In Gold Boots – Groovy 60s music and Go-Go dancers in bikinis!
  • Daddy-O – “Rock, rock, rock, candy baby! Rock, rock, rock, candy baby!”
  • Boggy Creek II: The Legend Continues – Bigfoot in the steamy swamps of Arkansas.
  • Phantom from Space: “I like bootblacking very much!!”
  • Zombie Nightmare – Adam West and Tia Carrera (’nuff said!)
  • Phantom Planet – 1950s era B/W Sci-Fi- version of Gulliver’s Travels. Sort of.

I could list so many more…Okay, MST 3K fans, your turn!

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